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Sep. 7, 2006

Hon. Bruce J. Kaplan, Prosecutor
Middlesex County
25 Kirkpatrick Street, 3rd Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 080901

Re: Your Letter dated Aug. 17, 2006 postmarked Aug. 31, 2006 and received on
Sep.1, 2006 in the matters of State v. Parikh Case # 06-001931 001
Worst ever Racial Slurs against the entire Indian-American Community by a
White radical group sponsored by the administration of Mayor Choi and his
Police Department under the directives of PBA on Aug. 2, 2006

Honorable Sir:

Thank you for your misguided efforts of down grading the charges against the victim of Police Brutality and gross injustice within the parameters of our rotten system. Here unionized Police force runs the administrations, has powers to finance politicians elections and politicians can use PBA credit cards for their personal needs. We are little puzzled on the date of this letter being Aug. 17, 2006 and why in our two meetings of Aug. 23rd and 29th no mention was made to this particular letter? That raises the issues of credibility for the office you are holding and your intentions to dispense equal justice. Even the Assemblyman Barnes and Senator Buono who were gracious enough to mediate may not approve this secrecy on your part. If you remember we complimented you as the only face from administration with intentions to settle the contagious issues of Police Brutality of July 4, 2006, civil rights violation of the victim on Aug. 2, 2006 and worst ever most inhuman, uncivilized, abusive Racial Slurs spoken against the entire Indian-American community in the history of United States of America by a white radical group sponsored by Mayor Choi’s administration and Police department under the banner of PBA in broad day light in the very presence of Print & TV media on the same day.

We still appreciate and acknowledge your honesty and courage in taking moral responsibility for the serious lapses on the part of Edison Police for not installing video surveillance cameras in all petrol cars and for not sending its officers for sensitivity training as promised by you in Aug. 2005. We are at extreme pain to point out that you have tarnished your own character, fabricated trumped up charges against the unarmed victim Rajnikant Parikh of police brutality should have been completely dropped rather than being down graded. You are fully aware about the reasons for these fabricated trumped up charges; Parking Violation Summons being issued by Officer Michael Dotro for legally parked cars at the time of arrest of the victim who does not own a car.

Middlesex County Prosecutor (2)

Mayor Choi should have ordered Federal Investigations in this inhuman incident of July 4, 2006 when allegation of illegal Summons to Legally Parked Cars, Racial Bias and Police Brutality were brought to his attention. Especially when the officer involved was Michael Dotro, who has the insanity to trample with his boots two unarmed Indian-American businessmen in Aug. 2005 in full view of our so called coward community leaders loyal to politicians only. Mayor Choi instead went along for a sham investigation by Internal Affair department of his Police department who had cleared this same officer for brutality in 2005 also. Edison Police has a checkered history of uncivilized, unlawful, inhuman behavior by some officers. Mayor Choi under pressure from them and their unethical union a circus called PBA with massive financial resources and aprx. 190,000 headstrong memberships acted like a pawn in their hands. As a politician he could not ignore PBA which may be over 300,000 voters when you account for the family members of these PBA members. Still this Circus is calling for Joker Choi’s resignation!

In a very short time Mayor Choi has reformed himself to adopt the corrupt and racist machinery of Edison and has been dividing the Indian-American community ever since he has taken office. He promised carrots to few rootless unethical individuals in the community with their personal agendas and their craze to be seen in the company of politicians in front of Media to settle the case of Aug. 2005 Police Brutality against two Indian-American businessmen involving the same officer Michael Dotro. Now Mayor Choi is again playing the same dirty game of carrots, divide, rule and secretly meeting the same kind of individuals at Rainbow Distributors and recently met Satish Poondi, Jassal Amin and Bish Majumdar at Satbari Restaurant owned by one Albert Jassani who could hardly spell the word “Politics” but his craze to pose with Politicians is remarkable. He is a big financier to the local, county and state Democrats of New Jersey. Satish Poondi was extended the courtesy by Mr. Kothari to attend both meetings with you and others including Mayor Choi held on Aug. 23rd & Aug. 29, 2006. Somehow for the reasons best known to him he never showed up on both occasions. Mayor Choi is an elected official and he must make public full contents of these secret meetings to avoid further damage to his own credibility and ability to govern 4th largest town Edison in the state of NJ.

In disrespect to his senior Democrat Leaders and you, Mayor Choi also broke the protocol of Aug. 23, 2006 “no comments to the Media till our second meeting” by arranging a stage managed Circus on Aug. 25, 2006 in the Hill Top Complex by misusing the official machinery with the help of his Secretary Priya Gopalan, her husband Ravi Gopalan with aspirations for official contracts in return for fund raisers for recently concluded Mayoral Elections for Mayor Choi, Nilesh Disondi with aspirations for Council Seat and Dr. Prasad as per rumors aspirations for some land deals. This trio were acting as hacklers and were publicly intimidating individuals who were asking legitimate questions to Choi. None of these above named individuals feel that honor and dignity of the Indian-American community has been compromised with worst ever Racial Slurs under the administration of Mayor Choi and Edison Police under the directives of PBA. None of these individuals feel that the honor and dignity of the Indian-Americans is far greater than their greed for some petty personal material and financial gains.

Middlesex County Prosecutor (3)

Then on Aug. 28, 2006 Mayor Choi held a Press Conference exclusively for the Indian Media of USA who like their same size American counter part are more famous for printing one sided official versions only in return for some advertisement revenue or photo sessions for their owners with politicians. They have yet to confront Democrat Assemblyman Chivukula for not making any statement on the issue of worst ever called Racial Slurs against the Indian-American community in the history of New Jersey as well as United States of America. This is the same assemblyman who can be seen all over New Jersey collecting money from individuals of Indian origin who are not in his electoral constituency in the name of his Indian origin! Then they have yet to confront Hardyal Singh Johal chairman Carteret Planning Board for being Racially Biased towards Julie Patel, wife of the victim Rajnikant Parikh. Recently “Desi NJ” life style magazine rewarded State Rate Payer Attorney Democrat Seema Singh for not taking any stand by putting her coward & greedy face on the cover and also giving high praise to Upendra Chivukula for his cowardly acts in this master piece of yellow journalism.

Please be advised on behalf of the victim and his wife we demand complete withdrawal of all fabricated and trumped up charges against the victim Rajnikant Parikh. When Mr. Parikh has done nothing illegal or wrong on July 4, 2006, why he should accept any kind of fabricated trumped up charges against him? This is against the doctrine of Equal Justice. Rather Officer Michael Dotro should be disciplined and legal action must be taken against him under Bias Crimes to set an example for those in the uniform like Chisholm, Kahora etc. of Springfield who does not believe in secularism. Our original demand for independent investigations in to the incident of police brutality of July 4, 2006 and Aug. 2, 2006 illegal role of Edison Police which led to the arrest of the victim by ICE, by Attorney General’s office or US Attorney’s office must be complied with without any further delays. At the same time we demand written apology from Mayor Choi, Edison Police and PBA for the Aug. 2, 2006 worst ever called Racial Slurs against the entire Indian-American community in the history of America.

Thank you for your honor’s kind attention to these matters.

Respectfully submitted,
Devendra “Dave” Makkar
(Media Spokesperson)

cc: Hon. Jon Corzine, Governor State of New Jersey.
Attorney General Law div. & Bias Crimes, State of NJ. 6098968691
Hon. Christopher Christie, US Attorney Fax: 973 645 2702
Mayor Jun Choi, Township of Edison.
Reema Desai, SAALT.
Deborah Jacobs, ACLU, New Jersey.
Ravinder Bhalla, Esq., attorney for Rajnikant Parikh.
CindyPaul, Esq., attorney for Rajnikant Parikh.


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