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Mayor Choi & Chief refuse to apologies for Racial Slurs against Indian-Americans

In 2005 Jun Choi promised reforms and secular administration to the minority voters especially Indian-Americans who constitute 30% of the population to get elected Mayor of Edison the 4th largest Municipality of New Jersey. True to his words he has certainly reformed himself in a very short time and has joined the Bandwagon of morally and ethically corrupt politicians of NJ. Rather than bringing any real reforms and secularism in the legally corrupt and racist administration especially police department of Edison he has accepted role of the Clown of Edison Circus under the Ring Master PBA a monster with 180,000-190,000 strong heads a big block of voters with expensive lobbyist in Trenton and finances to Election Campaigns of the Law Makers of New Jersey. Even in the most corrupt democracy’s you can not find Unionized racists posing as Law Enforcement Officers because a Police Union is considered highly unethical & immoral.

On Aug. 23, 2006 in the presence of Senator Barbara Buono, Assemblyman Peter Barnes, Mayor Choi, Police Chief Mieczkowski, Deputy Chief Gerba and Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan questions were raised on the credibility of Internal Affairs Department where a citizen has to file complaint to the person against whom he has the complaint. Then the issues were raised what incentive Law Makers has, to go against unethically Unionized Police Department alias PBA a big chunk of voters as well as financier to their own Elections to the Public office. This is a legally corrupt rotten system where a helpless poor resident with no resources has to prove he is not guilty in front of a system which is well oiled, overstaffed with Tax Payers Money where every one is a friend of every one against their common enemy “The Tax Payer itself.” Prosecutor Kaplan took very strong objections to these remarks by Dave Makkar and shot back you mean to say that we are all conspirators?

Then the questions were raised By Mr. Kothari about the process of clearing the officer Dotro based on the basis of 911 calls, his own statement and statement of his colleagues without any credible evidences like video recordings and refusal of the internal affair that they don’t need the statements of the resident witnesses because every one is going to say the same thing. Mr. Kothari pointed out the 911 calls were made between 8.00 P.M. to 9.00 PM. Where as the arrest took place around 11.00 P.M. when there was no fireworks going on. In reality the incident was Dotro under racial bias was writing Parking Violation Summons to the Legally Parked Cars to which some residents made strong objections and had heated exchange of words with him. Further Mr. Kothari took strong objections to all the fabricated false criminal charges against Raj Parikh and a statement attributed to him by Dotro that “In India we do not respect Police,” Raj assaulted him and according to Dotro 700-800 residents present at that time as utter non-sense nothing but racial bias towards a law abiding peaceful community.

Dave Makkar raised the issue of worst ever Racial Slurs in the history of United States of America made against the entire community of Indian origin in New Jersey on Aug. 2, 2006 by a White Radical counter demonstrators sponsored by PBA and Choi’s administration which may have surrogates of officers of Edison Police Department. Police Chief who thinks we lack intelligence made a silly remark, “I don’t know any of those counter demonstrators and I don’t know from where they came.” Dave made a demand for unconditional written apology from Mayor, Edison Police and PBA for these inhuman, uncivilized Racial Slurs against the community of Indian origin. Chief Mieczkowski added he can not do it. If he does that it means we have done it and PBA will be after my neck. He is more worried about PBA and does not care about the sentiments, honor and dignity of the Community which has been compromised. Mayor Choi said he has condemned them into his press statements. Dave’s response was if you have condemn them then on moral grounds you should not have any problems for a written apology because it is your administration under which this shameful inhuman incident has happened and you are not above Republican Senator Allen of Virginia.

On the issue of who called ICE Mayor Choi and Chief Mieczkowski again underestimating our intelligence said that they had no prior knowledge that ICE is coming to arrest Raj Parikh under selective enforcement of Law and in violation of his civil rights; “Freedom of free Speech” from the venue of his protest against Racial Biased police brutality. If they rally had no knowledge that makes them pawns in the hands of monster PBA who has complete control of the Edison Circus (Administration) Co.

Mr. Kothari and Dave Makkar retreated their demand for independent investigation by Attorney General’s office or U.S. Attorney’s office in the July 4th, 2006 Raj Parikh’s racially biased arrest and his brutal beatings by Michael Dotro, Aug. 2, 2006 Racial Slurs against the community by White Radicals sponsored by Administration, Police department & PBA and subsequent arrest of Raj Parikh on that day by ICE.

The meeting lasted more than 3 hours inconclusively, we are sincerely thankful to Assemblyman Barnes and Senator Buono who were gracious enough to take the blows from both sides in the mediation process. Our special thanks go to Prosecutor Kaplan who honestly admitted the serious mistakes of Edison Police Department for not installing the Videos in Patrol Cars and not sending their officers for Sensitivity Training as promised by him in Aug.- Sep. 2005 in the matters of brutal beatings by Michael Dotro of two respectable Indian-American businessmen Bimal Joshi and Atul Patel. It was agreed that both sides will meet again and in fact there is a meeting tomorrow at 10.00 A.M. in the prosecutor’s office in which no politician is taking part.

Since 8-23-06 Mayor Choi is busy in poorly drafted comedy shows like meeting the Hill Top Residents on 8-25-06 arranged by 3 traitors Nilesh Disondi, Dr. Prasad and Ravi Gopalan with vested interests to get some business from the township and Gopalan’s wife Ms. Priya is already a paid secretary of Mayor Choi. In that meeting Dave Makkar asked him the same questions which were asked by him and Mr. Kothari on 8-23-06. Mayor Choi practically dodged all of them and publicly misrepresented on some of the issues. Now today he is meeting exclusively with the Indian-American Media today in his office to spread more lies to divide the Indian-American community.

Dave Makkar,
Media Spokesperson

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