Saturday, August 26, 2006


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Dear Sir:

On Aug. 2, 2006 a white radical group sponsored by Edison township administration, Police and Police Union PBA which may have surrogates of Police officers of the town called the entire community of Indian origin Cockroaches, Animals, Illiterates, Illegal Go home in broad day light in front of the print & TV media. These are the most inhuman, uncivilized and abusive Racial Slurs spoken against the community of Indian origin in the history of New Jersey rather in the entire United States of America.

The so called our community leaders of New Jersey controlling local Gurudwaras, Temples & Cultural organizations as their personal properties for them their Democrat Party affiliation is more important than the dignity & honor of the community. They have failed to protest against the worst ever Racial Slurs spoken against the community or even issue any press statement criticizing the Democrat administration for sponsoring a white radical group to heap insult on the entire community. The same is true for the Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula, State Attorney Seema Singh, DOT Commissioner Kris Kolluri and Planning Board Chairman & defecto owner of Dashmesh Durbar Hardyal Singh Johal licking the feet of Democrat Party bosses of NJ is more important.

Even the so called US Indian Political Action Committee USINPAC under the kitchen cabinet of Democrat Sanjay Puri & Jay Choudhary has failed to protest or make any kind of remarks for the incident of Aug. 2, 2006. They were very quick last month in demanding the apology from Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia for calling a Democrat Activist Sidharth a Monkey in his campaign speech. As far as NJ Republican Party is concerned the incident of Aug. 2, 2006 is a case of “Domestic Violence” between 2 Democrat factions because of their perception that Indian-Americans of NJ do not vote for them. But when it comes to Jews who controls NJ’s economy & politics and do not vote for Republicans, they will trash every one who makes even a passing remark against Jews. All of this is a case of moral and ethical corruption and shame on every body.

To put salt to the injuries our spineless, morally & ethically corrupt leaders honored the Democrat Mayor Jun Choi and other bosses from Democrat Party on (India day) Democrat Parade on 8-13-6. Jun Choi was honored against over 400 signed petitions from the community not to even invite him for the Parade. Rest whatever happened in the Parade is known to the entire world. Bipasa Basu Paid Grand Marshal for the Parade was publicly mistreated and her Right to Protest against her mistreatment was violated in the presence of Elected and Appointed Officials of NJ as well as US Senator Bob Menendez in broad day light in front of Print & TV Media. These leaders illegally gave $20,000 in cash to Ms. Basu which amounts to Money Laundering by a non-profit organization.

Indian & US media reported mental, physical & emotional sufferings of Bipasa Basu but no one care about worst ever racial slurs spoken against the entire community of Indian origin as well as the sufferings of US born Julie Patel since July 4, 2006 because of the Police Brutality and Selective Enforcement of Law against her husband Raj Parikh. We appeal to every individual of Indian origin to defend your honor and ask for written apology from Mayor Choi, Edison Police, PBA & all the Democrat present on India Day Parade including their Party Chairman Howard Dean. The so called community leaders must be boycotted.

Dave Makkar,
Media Spokesperson,


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