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PRESS RELEASE – Sep. 22, 2006


Carteret Planning Board Chairman & De-fecto owner of Dashmesh Durbar Gurudwara Sahib Ji Democrat Hardyal Singh Johal breaks his silence. To-day around 11.15 A.M. he made terrorist life threats over the phone to Dave Makkar for writing his name in the list of failed Indian-American leadership of New Jersey and commenting on his secular & democratic credentials in a e-mail sent to Punjab Express editor Mr. Ratinda.

Rather than demanding an apology from the Democrat Administration of Mayor Jun Choi, Edison Police & PBA for sponsoring the worst ever Racial Slurs against the entire Indian-American community of NJ, Mr. Johal wants an apology from Dave Makkar for raising the issue of Racial Slurs and including his name in the failed Indian-American leadership and questioning his secular and democratic credentials. Further he has warned Dave Makkar that his boys can do something really bad and in such instances one can loose their life also. If Dave Makkar does not send an apology by cross e-mail or fax today, the consequences could be worse than what he is describing. He will make sure both e-mails are printed on the front page of Punjab Express Newspaper in big bold letters. After this demanded apology e-mail/fax, Dave Makkar has to apologies in Public in the Dashmesh Durbar Gurudwara Sahib Ji on Sunday Sep. 24, 2006. If Dave Makkar failed to send apology by fax or e-mail he must come prepared to Gurudwara Sahib Ji on Sunday to face the consequences and his boys. “You are intelligent enough I am not going to repeat myself or advise again what is required from you. Good Day.” “JOHAL”

Our prayers are to the Almighty God Sri Vahey Guru Ji to give wisdom and courage to people like Johal, Satnam Singh, Upendra Chivukula etc. to rice above Party Lines to defend the honor and dignity of the community. If Republican Governor of a 4th largest economy in the world and a Virginia Republican Senator can tender apology for the racial slurs, why not a Democrat Mayor Choi, Senator Biden and Senator John Kerry can do the same for sponsoring or saying Racial Slurs against the Indian-Americans.

Dave Makkar
Media Spokesperson

Encl.: Copy of the E-Mail referred by Mr. Johal Enclosed

E-MAIL to Satnam Singh Ratinda Editor/Publisher Punjab Express Sep. 20, 06:

Subject: Pictures of 2005 Hunger Strike in Springfield.

Dear Satnam Singhji, Sat sri Akaal. I will be obliged if you can e-mail me the pictures you took in Springfield and printed in your newspaper in Aug. 2005. I am willing to pay for them if you don’t want to give them for free. The same is being demanded by some TV channels and Print Media in India. This is the 50th time I am making this request besides my numerous phone calls and request to you in person on this issue.

I know you are avoiding me and don’t want to take a stand on the issue of worst ever called racial slurs against the Indian-Americans of NJ. You took Julie’s interview and pictures but never put them in your newspaper. It looks, like your Racist friend Hardyal Singh Johal, Satnam Singh and Davinder Singh etc. and traitors like Upendra Chivukula, Seema Singh, Arvind Aggarwal, Mahesh Shah etc. you also feel that you are not from Indian origin so the white radical group has not called you Cockroach, Animal, Illiterate Go Home. You are really disgusting and a shame to your fellow journalists and to the Sikh community. May wahey guru give you sadhbudhi that you have to stand for the honor & dignity of the community.

Wahey guru ji ka khalsa wahey guru ji ki fateh.



SEP. 20, 2006 7: 17 PM

cc: Indian-American Media & Indian Media
Indian-American Religious, Cultural, Business & Political organizations
Sikh Coalition
568 Ashwood Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081. Tel. 973 416 1600 Fax; 973 416 1500

Sep. 24, 2006

Mr. Hardyal Singh Johal, Chairman
Carteret Planning Board, Fax: 732 541 8925 &
C/o Dashmesh Durbar Gurudwara Sahib Ji.
Port Reading, NJ 07064 (By Mail)


Dear Mr. Johal:

Please be advised a formal complaint has been filed against you with the Irvington Police Dept. on 9-24-06 # 2006- 48274 for making “Terrorist Threats” over the phone to Mr. Dave Makkar at his work on 9-22-06.

You must understand that the Citizens For Democracy is fighting against organized and legalized Racism in the State of New Jersey. Its volunteers will not hesitate from exposing individuals like you who may be from Indian origin with close ties to Democrats of NJ, indulging in racial bias towards other caste from Indian origin especially at Places of Worship. You along with your other friends have tarnished the sanctity and dignity of Dashmesh Durbar Sahib Ji on number of occasions by violating free speech rights of the individuals whom you and your friends think do not belong to Sikh community. It is very sad all of you have forgotten the definition of a “Sikh” and have become a disgrace to the community of warriors. Sikh history has a century old tradition which tells the whole world that they always fought against injustice & racism.

Then being an appointed officer to the Planning Board of Carteret you have violated the Code of Conduct for such office by making terrorist threats over the phone to a fellow citizen as well as fellow Indian-American. We sincerely hope Governor Corzine, Mayor Daniel Reiman, Planning Board Members of Carteret will recommend appropriate actions against you to the Bias Crime Unit in the office of the Attorney General of NJ.

Dave Makkar
Media Spokesperson

cc: Hon. Jon Corzine, Governor NJ. Fax: 609 292 3454
Hon. Christopher Christy, US Attorney. Fax: 973 645 2702
Hon. Bruce Kaplan, Prosecutor Middlesex County. Fax: 732 745 5734
Mayor Daniel Reiman. Fax: 732 541 8925
Mayor (Interim) Senator Joseph Vitale,
Mayor Jun Choi, Edison. Fax: 732 248 3738
Ms. Hector Agudosi, Bias Crime.,

Encl.: Press Release 9-22-06 with copy of e-mail sent to Mr. Ratinda Punjab Express
Appeal to Person of Indian origin


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