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Citizens For Democracy
568 Ashwood Rd.
Springfield, NJ 07081
973 416 1600 F 973 416 1500

May 14, 2007
Department of Homeland Security
Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Mail Stop #0800
Washington, D.C. 20528

Attn.: Case Problems

Re: Complaint against ICE Newark, State of New Jersey etc. for violating US
Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Pledge of Allegiance in the matters of
Rajnikant Parikh A# 078 824 449 Aka Amit Sheth A# 73 761 383

Dear Sir/Madam:

In reference to the above Complaint the followings along with some unknown individuals have violated the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Pledge of Allegiance while arresting and deporting Mr. Parikh where as they are sworn to uphold it.

ICE (Newark):
Attorney Sam Dotro, officer Peralta and others (unknown) in hatching up a conspiracy with Edison Patrolman Michael Dotro etc. to arrest Mr. Parikh on Aug.2, 06 in violation of his Free Speech Rights and under selective enforcement of Law . Also ICE officer Shaughnessy and others (unknown) conspired to cover up the unlawful behavior of Counsel Dotro, officer Peralta and others (unknown)

State of New Jersey: Ms. Hester Agudosi Head of Bias Crime Unit in AG’s office for helping and aiding Twp. of Edison and Middlesex County Prosecutor to cover up the July 4, 2006 incident of Police Brutality under racial bias by Patrolman Dotro against Mr. Parikh and then falsely implicating him under fabricated criminal charges. Governor Corzine and Attorney General Stubner both failed to live up to their constitutional fiduciary duties to do something right when the matters were brought to their attention.

Township of Edison: Mayor Jun Choi, Police Chief George Mieczkowski, Detective Ronnie Mieczkowski, Police Union President Michael Schwartz and others (unknown) conspired to cover up the brutality under racial bias done by Patrolman Michael Dotro against Mr. Parikh and the conspiracy hatched by Patrolman Dotro with his brother ICE attorney Sam Dotro etc. in Mr. Parikh’s subsequent arrest by ICE officer Peralta.

Middlesex County: Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan and others (unknown) for helping and aiding Twp. of Edison, Edison Police Department and Police Union to cover up the incidents of July 4th police brutality under racial bias and conspiracy hatched by Police Department and Police Union with ICE Newark in the arrest of Mr. Parikh on Aug.2, 06.

Police Union: PBA President Michael Schwartz and others (unknown) for forcing the Twp. of Edison, Middlesex County Prosecutor and State Bias Crime Unit to clear Patrolman Dotro of all charges in the course of 2 separate Internal Investigations done by the twp. Later they conspired with Superior Court Judge Robert Longhi to deny justice to Mr. Parikh by withholding the release of 2 Internal Affair investigation files of Edison to his counsels. PBA/Police Union is also behind the worst ever called Racial Slurs against the entire Indian- American community of New Jersey in the history of America by its members, their family members and supporters, “Indians are Cockroaches Animals, Illiterates, and Illegal Go Home.”

Superior Court Judge: Robert Longhi knowingly conspired with Police Union President Michael Schwartz to deny justice to Mr. Parikh. He broke all Court notification rules and ignored all State and Federal precedents in such criminal trials. He openly lied in the Court also and he knew it he is retiring next month. (Docket # 2006-000959-1205)

Although Mr. Parikh has already been deported to India on April 12, 2007 but the residents of New Jersey and Mr. Parikh’s US born wife deserve to know who is accountable for the violation to US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Pledge of Allegiance, misuse of State and Federal resources including over $100,000.00 spent just to deport 1 individual in gross violation to his basic human rights.

All those involved in this heinous crime of violating US Laws did it with full understanding and knowledge of law. These are the individuals who are sworn to uphold US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Pledge of Allegiance and they have knowingly violated it. Some one from the Federal Government has to stand up in front of them and show them there is accountability for their actions.

Inadvertently a Complaint was filed on 3-28-07 in the above matters with USCIS Ombudsman Mr. Prakash Khatri who also failed in his constitutional duties to forward the same in timely manner to the office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. Mr. Khatri has been requested to forward the Complaint along with all attachments to your office.

We hope justice will be done, accountability will be established and those found guilty will be punished to the maximum extent of the law.
Dave Makkar (Media spokesperson)

Encl.: Request to USCIS Ombudsman to forward the Complaint to your office 5-14-07
Letter received from USCIS Ombudsman post marked 4-25-07
Sequence of events July 4th 2006 to April 12, 2007 NJ & ICE violated US Laws
Federal & State Legal precedents in releasing IA investigations
The Bill of Rights (Brief summary)
Copy of the Complaint sent to USCIS Ombudsman on 3-28-07
Copy of the Notice sent to ICE Newark on 4-04-07
8News Articles: 8-11-06, 12-21-06, 2-14-07, 2-27, 3-03, 3-06, 4-14, 4-19-07
ICE officer Peralta calling F****** Mexican for his colleague on cell phone
Statement made by Hunger Strikers against Racial Slurs at Human Relations


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